Implement search quickly
with Aeca Search
You must be concerned about adopting a new search product. We provide a full-text search and vector search with simple codes in a single platform. Combining the two search capabilities, hybrid search is pursuing a finer search experience. Of course, you can customize your own search method based on your needs.

Full-Text Search by Keyword

Implemented with simple codes

You can use any library to implement search functions with simple codes only. It is much more than just a search engine.

Real-time search scoring

You can use weights for specific data or queries to fine-tune the search scores optimized for the service. Even if you adjust the search score, the changed scoring is applied in real-time without redistribution.

Various add-on functions to improve your search experience

You can develop a variety of features that improve your search experience, including spell check, auto-complete, Korean syllable and initial search support, highlights, fuzzy searches, synonyms, etc without complex code.

Retrieve large search results

Unlike search engines that cannot return large numbers of search results, Aeca returns all results regardless of the size of the search results.

Vector Search - similarity search for various formats

Vector Search provides results that are most similar to search terms, regardless of the type of data such as images, videos, and documents.
Even if you don't enter the correct keyword, you can find the right results based on your search intent.

Key Features of Aeca Vector Search

  • Data management
    • CRUD offers vector search for data that requires history management such as customer information.
  • Integrating the embedding models
    • You can put multiple embedding models into a single collection. You can quickly derive optimal vector search results by properly combining the strengths and weaknesses of each embedding model without having to use multiple collections.

Vector Search Use Cases

  • Search: It offers a variety of search forms, including questions and answers, multimodal searches, etc.
  • Security: It detects anomalies and fraud and identifies bots/threats.
  • Personalization: It enhance customized services such as content and product recommendations and advertising targeting.
  • Data management: It allows you to easily manage data, including classification, clustering, and deduplication.

A New Trend in Search, Hybrid Search

Full-Text Search & Vector Search, a hybrid search that can optimize search results by combining the characteristics of these two searches.
It improve your search experience with much more accurate and fine-tuned search results than a single search method.
Hybrid Search Diagram

More advanced Hybrid Search

It provides a state-of-the-art hybrid search with both full-text search and similarity, rather than a combination of simple filtering in existing vector searches.

Convenience with a single query

It supports multiple full-text search and vector search indexes in one collection. You can find each search method as a single query, rather than performing a separate combination.

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