A new database system to address bloated modern software architectures in data processing
We know that terms like big data, data lakes, and web-scale are fancy and attractive, but those are only everyday issues for very few of us. Most companies will never deal with the petabytes scale of the data.
The real problems we face daily are not fancy; we are implementing features for the users and trying to find a way to keep software stacks simple and moving faster, and so on.
Let's be practical and stay on the ground. Most companies just need a simple but powerful database system to solve real problems. We are here to build a product for most companies, not just for unicorns.
Our mission is to solve the common problems often associated with existing database systems and simplify software development by keeping your software stacks as simple as possible.

Problem &

The Bold Ideas to Address the Simulacres of Problems
Aeca is a new kind of OLTP database with high performance in mind for the modern AI-era. It's a multi-purpose database system that provides both key-value and document-oriented models with transaction support. It also offers full-featured, customizable full-text and vector searches.
What makes Aeca unique is that users can use both full-text search and vector search within a single query, which enables hybrid search and better search quality. This hybrid approach is so much more than just a vector search with filters.
Most importantly, users are not required to install Elasticsearch and/or other database systems to get started with Aeca. Aeca is a self-contained, complete database system that provides built-in full-text and vector search support, which enables easier deployments and simpler software stacks.


Our Team
The company was started by a group of people who had previously worked together for many years. We are a group of experts with decades of experience in large-scale data management and fast-growing internet services. The team comprises people who know how to solve real-world problems related to modern data management.
Our headquarters is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA. We are a distributed team so that we can hire the best people not limited by location and time zones.